New Volunteers Required in Wakefield

New Volunteers Required in Wakefield

Speak With IT are witnessing an increase in demand for their support across the Wakefield District and are on the look out for new volunteers who can support people with aphasia through our home based and group support projects.

The charity currently has a number of people waiting for support across the district and are keen to get new volunteers on board in time for the next volunteer induction day which will be held in Leeds on Friday November 8th. There are additional inductions organised in York on November 4th and Sheffield on November 5th.

The charity organises a monthly meeting for people with aphasia at Sandal Library on the first Friday every month from 10.30am and this month saw 8 people with aphasia attend. The session is run by Anne Little who has been a volunteer for the charity for the past 3 years. Anne organises a series of activities for the group to partake in but there is also plenty of opportunity for general chit chat. New volunteers would be welcome to support this group.

The groups aim is to help people with aphasia practice their speaking in a supportive environment. Every person in the group has aphasia and understands how the condition can affect people’s ability to communicate.

If you want to find out more contact the office on 01924 888608 or complete an application form on the Volunteer page of the website!

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