Speech & Language Therapist Takes Over Wakefield Aphasia Cafe

Speech & Language Therapist Takes Over Wakefield Aphasia Cafe

The Wakefield Aphasia Café  is now being led by Shorufa Yasmin, who is a speech and language therapist.

The group is funded by a grant from Wakefield and District Health and Community Support and meets once a month at Brooke House WMC and once a month on zoom.

New members are invited to attend the group meetings. The next meeting is at Brooke House WMC on Friday November 19th from 10.30 to 12. There will then be another meeting before Christmas on Friday December 17th at the same time.

Shorufa, who started in the role in September said, ‘The Aphasia Cafe provides a supportive aphasia friendly environment for those with aphasia to get together and build their confidence in communicating. We aim for the café to be relaxed and fun whilst providing a great opportunity to develop relationships with other aphasia group members.’

James Major, Charity Manager for Speak With IT said:

‘The Wakefield group has been running for over 3 years and this is the first time we have had the opportunity to recruit a speech therapist to run the group. The charity is excited to see how the group will develop with Shorufa at the helm. The group is free to attend, and we are really keen for new members to join.

Speak With IT run similar groups in Leeds and Barnsley. To find out more call the Speak With IT office on 01924 888608 for an informal chat or send the charity an email on info@speakwithit.org

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