Spartan Race

Spartan Race

Spartan Race – Various UK Locations

There are three different types of Spartan events, which take place across the UK throughout the year:

  • The Spartan Sprint: 3+ miles and 20+ obstacles

Step up and get out of your comfort zone! With a course of just over 3 miles and more than 20 obstacles, the Sprint is a challenging trail designed to get you off our couch and start living. This event is perfect for all abilities from beginners to trail racers, mud run participants to hard core warriors.

  • The Spartan Super: 8+ miles and 25+ obstacles

Push your resolve harder and test your strength with the Super. An 8 mile course with more than 25 obstacles this is a battlefield of insanely fun mud running. Warning: you will risk getting hooked on obstacle challenges!

  • The Spartan Beast: 12+ miles and 35+ obstacles

Come on if you think you’re hard enough and go all out to take on the Beast! With more than 12 miles of gruelling course containing over 35 obstacles, this race claims to be the “toughest race on the planet”. Recommended for experienced mud runners.

Entry cost: £25
Suggested fundraising target: £400

All of our runners receive:

  • A special branded running vest to wear on the day and during your training
  • Fantastic fundraising support – help setting up your fundraising page, useful tips to maximise your efforts and smash your target.
  • A special mention in the Speak With IT Newsletter.

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